[Speex-dev] More integer / ARM-specific optimizations

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Jun 27 20:33:08 PDT 2005


There are long-term plans to have everything (including echo canceller
and preprocessor) to fixed-point. However, I cannot say when/if that
will happen. While the VAD/DTX should be too hard (even a decent float
emulator will work), echo canceller and preprocessor would require quite
a bit of work.

Just to have an idea of how Speex does, would you mind sharing the
results you have on ARM? More specifically:
-ARM version, speed
-Complexity, bit-rate used
-Percentage of CPU required
-Compile flags/configure options



Le lundi 27 juin 2005 à 17:44 -0700, ndno72-speex at yahoo.com a écrit :
> Dear Speex Developers,
> We are currently using the basics features of Speex
> 1.1.10 on our little embedded ARM processor and it
> works great!  However, we hit a brick-wall when trying
> to use echo cancellation or the pre-processor; our CPU
> (no FPU) jumped to above 90%.  Are there any plans in
> the immediate future to optimize the VAD/DTX and
> pre-processor code of Speex (convert to fixed-point,
> ARM optimization, etc.)?  I can convince the company
> whose is sponsoring my project to donate some money
> into your cause.  Thank you and keep up the wonderful
> Speex work.
> Andy
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