[Speex-dev] VAD encoder sensitivity?

Lawrence S Lam lslam at raytheon.com
Mon Jun 27 14:14:47 PDT 2005

When using the encoder function, speex_encode_int(st, in_short, &bits),  
with VBR disabled and VAD enabled,  the function  always return a 1.
Also, when enabled DTX along with VAD enabled, most of the time the 
function return a 1 even when it is silence.
Is there a way to change the sensitivity of the VAD by changing some 
parameters in the source code, so when it is silence, the function would 
return a 0, and when it is speech it would return 1?
I can not use the preprocessor due to cpu utilization of 90% on ARM 
processor,  so have to stick with the encoder function.

Thanks again.

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