[Speex-dev] Jitter buffer usage

Baldvin Hansson baldvin at rogg.is
Mon Jun 6 13:09:16 PDT 2005

Dear all.
Questions regarding VoIP implementation and the use of the Speex jitter
buffer, if I may:
Am I right in my understanding that the Speex jitter buffer implementation
is used only on the receiving end of a network VoIP stream?
The sender would sample+encode+timestamp packets/frames of speex data and
send via UDP to receiver.
UDP packet would be constructed as: [TIMESTAMP][Speex data].
The receiver would receive UDP data and call speex_jitter_put(...) for each
packet received.
The decoder would call speex_jitter_get(...) to get the next packet to
decode and play.
Far off, or close to how the big boys would do it?
Any information is greatly appreciated.
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