[Speex-dev] RTP and jitter buffer relationship

Baldvin Hansson baldvin at rogg.is
Mon Jun 6 13:09:14 PDT 2005

Dear all.
Pardon the ignorance, but I'm wondering about the relationship between RTP
and the (for example) Speex jitter buffer. This may not relate directly to
speex as such, but I hope you'll take the time to reply anyway should you
have any details for me.
If I would implement my VoIP application using RTP to transmit data between
recording-point and playback-point, would I still use the jitter buffer or
does RTP actually take care of the jitter buffer tasks?
If I use the Speex jitter buffer implementation (or any other jitter buffer
implementation for that matter), should I expect to get a decent voice data
transfer/decoding by sending the speex encoded data (along with a simple
time-stamp of when the frame/packet was prepared) via UDP and relying on the
jitter buffer implementation to supply a steady stream of ready-to-use
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