[Speex-dev] Re: Decoding

Dragon dragon at dazoe.net
Sat Jun 4 21:38:38 PDT 2005

It's not playing at half speed... It's playing at 2x speed.


Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> If it plays at half the speed, it means that either you're setting the
> sampling rate wrong or (if you're using Linux) the machine at the other
> end is using the broken i810 OSS audio driver which can't set itself to
> mono. About writing code properly, just look at speexenc/speexdec if you
> want to have an example of Ogg transport.
> 	Jean-Marc
> Le samedi 04 juin 2005 à 23:29 -0500, Dragon a écrit :
>>What do you mean by write my code properly? With the way it's written 
>>right now it is encoding writing out to a stream and decoding from that 
>>stream but i'd like to use VBR but when i try it my app fails. and also 
>>on a different note I've written some test apps where it recordes from 
>>the mic encodes decodes then playes but when i try streaming it over the 
>>internet it has long pauses in it and plays at like twice the speed, 
>>which i belive that is why i'm getting the pause. I've tried changing 
>>settings but can never fix the problem.
>>Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
>>>What do you mean by knowing the frame size? Technically, all Speex
>>>frames are 20 ms long. If you mean knowing the number of frames in a
>>>packet of the number of compressed bytes, then the answer is no, as long
>>>as you write your code properly.
>>>	Jean-Marc
>>>Le samedi 04 juin 2005 à 22:56 -0500, Dragon a écrit :
>>>>One quick question. Does the decoder have to know the frame size for 
>>>>each encoded packet? right now i have a program streaming encoded data. 
>>>>Do i need to have it add in the length for each packet size?
>>>>  -Dragon
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