[Speex-dev] Comparing two audio files

Rami Spector rami-sp at 013.net
Fri Jun 3 06:16:41 PDT 2005

Hi all 

I'm looking for the best  way to compare  two audio files ,determine  if  they are same conversion, recorded by two different  recorders.

I tried to use the VAD in Speex: 
    For testing, one audio file is a recording of the other , using the PC speakers.
    Both are  8kHz, mono  read in a 5 & 10 & 20 milliseconds  buffers.
    The results:
      5 millisecond buffer - found  the  speech pauses more accurate, but  the two outputs did not look the same.
      20 millisecond buffer - ignored small speech pauses , but  the outputs look more alike but not enough.

1. Is there any changes ( parameters /code) I can do to make results better for my needs ?
2. Do you  know about any other algorithms which will be more suitable for my needs ?.

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