[Speex-dev] Build under XP with mingw: again about wave_out modules

Elio Blanca elioblanca at yahoo.it
Thu Jul 28 03:33:01 PDT 2005

Hi, i'm Elio again.
I really don't know if the problem is in mingw32 suite but i have more 
data now (my knowledge is growing!!! :-o ).
I successfully compiled several packages on my system (MSYS-1.0.10 + 
MinGW32-3.4.2 under WinXPsp2) and here are the details:
- the mp3 player madplay-0.15.2 goes ok. It uses the same approach, it 
opens the wave device using the waveOutOpen() call and it works fine. It 
uses a custom callback mechanism.
- mplayer 1.0pre7 also sounds fine with win32 (waveOut) audio output. It 
fills a slightly different WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE struct (but a cast is 
used before the call to waveOutOpen). Another success for a custom 
callback mechanism.
- a52dec (sample program for liba52) turns on the wave device using 
waveOutOpen but with standard callback mechanism (it uses the 
These different cases suggest me the issue lies somewhere else than 
mingw32 suite.
Anyway, i hope these new data can help to fix the problem,

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