[Speex-dev] difference with NB and WB

Ronaldo Madrid Ronaldo.Madrid at asia.bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 27 21:33:49 PDT 2005


i'm just a novice with a question.

in the documentation, it says that "Speex is mainly designed for 3 different sampling rates: 8 kHz, 16 kHz, and 32 kHz.
These are respectively refered to as narrowband, wideband and ultra-wideband."

is this directly related to the sampling rate of the source sound. i.e. if i have 'PCM,8KHz,16bit,Mono', does it follow that i use NB for encoding/decoding? and if i have 'PCM,16KHz,16bit,Mono' do i use WB?

although i obsereved that if i use only NB it doesn't matter what sampling rate the PCM is speex can still encode and decode it; and i can control the ouput quality with CBR.

when will it be necessary to use WB? 


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