[Speex-dev] Building the Symbian compatible library.

Gavin Bones gavinbones at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 26 01:08:12 PDT 2005

I apologise in advance if there is anything that i have failed to read 
properly in the documentation, but i have been unable to find a guide for 
building the .lib from the supplied Symbian project files.

Is there anyone who could give me a brief walkthrough of the necessary 
Is there a preferred environment?
Will it build for emulator as well as target device platforms?

I am using the 1.1.10 source release from the speex site and the Series 60 
2.1 SDK.I have tried the 'bldmake bldfiles' then 'abld build ..... .....' 
method as well as importing the .mmp file into VS .net 2003 and building 
from there. Each time I get numerous (up to 100) compilation errors, which 
I'm sure aren't actually code errors, more a problem with my method 

Thanks for any help you can give,


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