[Speex-dev] Re: Problems to compile speex 1.1.10 on windows

Wolfgang Frotten wolfgang at hauertmann.com
Tue Jul 19 09:42:09 PDT 2005

> The "minor tweaks" is adding casts to the right thing. For example, if
> the compiler complainds you can't cast a (void*) to an (int*), then
> explicitly add a (int*). 
> 	Jean-Marc

Thank you very much for your hints. But i walked in this direction during the
last three days. I have found the following solution and i think it is more
comfortable for delphi coders :O) ->
- add "#define restrict" into the unit where the compiler reclaims a syntax
- Open a project in dev-c++ as C-Project, (not as C++-Project!!!) and you will
not run into problems with casts
- set project-options/build-options/folder-for-object-files to a separate folder
e.g. "libspeex\obj" and the linker will not have problems with "undefined

Hey, it works now! My impression is that the speek quality sounds a little bit
better. Can that be true? But I have still going on a lot of buffer overflows
:O) but this is another problem in another thread (perharps).
Thank you again 


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