[Speex-dev] sharing a decoder between 2 inbound speex streams?

Anthony Lovell tone at mailblocks.com
Tue Jul 12 13:03:02 PDT 2005

This is a hard one to search for in the archives, and I checked the FAQ 
and the PDFs.

If a VOIP application wants to support the ability to output multiple 
inbound streams (from separate senders who happened to choose the same 
moment to start speaking), is it a requirement to have separate 
decoders for each, or could one be used in a round-robin manner to 
service packets from the multiple senders?

I am guessing that I should use a separate decoder for each inbound 
stream of frames, and that there is significant inter-frame state 
maintained by the decoder, but the convenience of not having to have a 
decoder free pool to dynamically allocate/deallocate these is 
motivation enough to ask!

Tony Lovell
tone at dreadnoughtproject.org
AIM: StupidLagger

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