[Speex-dev] Package for Mac OS X

rhino64 at freesurf.ch rhino64 at freesurf.ch
Sat Feb 12 06:30:09 PST 2005

Hi All,
     I have just made available a package of the Speex library 1.1.6 for
Mac OS X. This package contains, in addition to the code of 1.1.6,
specific code for sending decoded frames to the Mac OS X sound system.

The source can be downloaded at "http://www.sourire.ch/speex-1.1.6.tar.gz"
and the package at "http://www.sourire.ch/speex-1.1.6.dmg.gz".

Unfortunately, for the moment, only http access is available. By the way,
it seems that the extension "dmg" confuses mozilla-like browsers (Mozilla,
Firefox). I have encountered no problem with Safari (Apple browser), wget
and curl. When downloaded with the Safari browser, the Apple installation
program is immediately called to start the installation.

I have already sent the modifications to J.M. Vallin for an inclusion in
the next release. Since I have to do anyway a package for installing the
software on my Mac, I thougth it could be useful for others too.

Please send me an e-mail if you have some problems with the package.

best regards,

Alain Aubord

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