[Speex-dev] Fixed-point VAD?

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I found this message concerning VAD and was wondering whether VAD has been
ported to fixed-point in the latest version?


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Hi Baja,

Here's a quick summary:
In narrowband, the encoder and decoder are all ported to fixed-point for
CBR between 4 kbps and 18.2 kbps. Only the 2 kbps (vocoder) and 24.6
kbps modes still have a few floats left. Most of wideband is also
ported, but there are some float operations left. The packet loss
concealment is also done, but not the VAD/VBR. The jitter buffer isn't
converted, but there's not many float ops there in the first place. The
preprocessor and echo cancellor aren't converted and there's lots of
float stuff there.


Le mercredi 20 juillet 2005 à 09:18 -0700, gue baja a écrit :
> Is there any place where I can see a summary of what
> is being done and what is still pending with the fixed
> point version of the libraries?
> I have some experience with vocoders and fairly good
> experience with de-jitters and suchs. I may be able to
> help.
> Thanks
> Baja
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