[Speex-dev] Is it a bug?

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Thu Dec 22 04:02:11 PST 2005

>   Why is frame_time is equal to frame_size. As we know,if we use 8k
> sampling, the frame_size is 160,
> (frame_size = 320 ,sampling = 16k ..),but the frame_time is const, it
> is
> 20ms.

I changed the meaning of frame_time to mean the same as in the RTP RFC,
which means that the units of frame_time are samples... which means it's
the same as frame_size now.

>    I think , for (i=MAX_MARGIN-2;i>=0;i--)  should be replaced by  for
> (i=MAX_MARGIN-3;i>=0;i--) .

yes, probably (have to look at it more carefully).


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