[Speex-dev] about AEC

wu xudong zjusomwu at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Dec 20 18:45:22 PST 2005

Dear all:

  I have tested AEC provided by speex.But I find it
doesn't work!
  I use file model which means the ref signal and echo
signal is pre-recorded.the program is as follows:

 insigfile = fopen("sig.pcm", "rb");
  inreffile = fopen("ref.pcm", "rb");
  outfile = fopen("out.pcm", "wb");

   st = speex_echo_state_init(NN, 6*NN);

   while((fread(echo_buf, 2, NN, insigfile) == NN) &&
(fread(ref_buf, 2, NN, inreffile) == NN)){
		speex_echo_cancel(st, echo_buf, ref_buf, e_buf,
		fwrite(e_buf, 2 ,NN, outfile);

  I check the out file and find that the out file
still remains echo signal.The two files are recorded
using two machines one plays and another records.so
there is no DTD problems.
  By the way,I find the mdf.c has different
versions.Which one is better?

  Best Regards,


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