[Speex-dev] More floating point errors

Tom Harper tharper at sightspeed.com
Tue Dec 13 08:16:59 PST 2005

I had this issue a (couple of?) weeks ago...  the solution then (from jm) was-

g = DIV32(corr[i-start], SHR32(MULT16_16(spx_sqrt(10 + e0), 

This effects more than fixed point- basically, once this goes bad it will 
cause the codec to only produce fuzz in floating point, and it will result in
ol_pitch_coef getting set to NAN, which is then preserved for all of eternity
(or until the speex enc gets destroyed) in vbr->soft_pitch- i.e. you can't 
reset the state to fix it.


At 10:31 PM 12/12/2005, Alex Bakaev wrote:

>It seems that using a different compiler (I assume the development is done 
>with MSC) uncovers various issues with the floating point.
>Here is the second one I'm seeing - DOMAIN error from sqrt().
>In the open_loop_nbest_pitch(), this line:
>           g = DIV32(corr[i-start], 
> 10+SHR32(MULT16_16(spx_sqrt(e0),spx_sqrt(energy[i-start])),6));
>The values are:
>e0 is 7.2
>i is 142,
>start is 17
>energy [i-start] is -2.1004911E-015
>Hope this information is enough to go on.
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