[Speex-dev] Getting SING errors

Alex Bakaev Alex.Bakaev at citrix.com
Mon Dec 12 18:06:06 PST 2005


I'm getting SING errors from the log() function. Here is
the code inside the vbr_analysis() function.

   if (ener<60000)
      if (vbr->consec_noise>2)
         qual-=0.5*(log(3.0 + vbr->consec_noise)-log(3));
      if (ener<10000&&vbr->consec_noise>2)
         qual-=0.5*(log(3.0 + vbr->consec_noise)-log(3));
      if (qual<0)
      qual += .3*log(ener/60000.0);

Inspecting the values shows that 'ener' is zero, which
leads to the error.

The question I have is if the code above should
explicitly be checking for zero? Or I have an issue with
my compiler screwing something up?

The error doesn't occur constantly, but frequently enough
to be a huge nuissance.

Thanks in advance,
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