[Speex-dev] Problem in encoding/decoding speech in Win CE

Anindya Mozumdar anindya at picopeta.com
Sun Dec 4 19:54:04 PST 2005

singhui007 wrote:
> Hi Anindya, "I have followed the exact procedure found in the manual 
> available
> from the web site" -- Do you mean sampleenc? is it possible to see your 
> code?

The code is the same as the one in the pdf which comes from the website 
as well as the distribution (except that I am writing to files instead 
of stdin/stdout).

> and which version of speex are you using?

Initially, I was using speex-1.1.6 where it did not work. It seems to 
work with 1.1.11, even though it takes 67 seconds to encode a 5 second 
clip. However, I was told it should take 3 seconds if I compile it with 
the proper flags and all. I am yet to figure out how to do that in Win CE.


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