[Speex-dev] building speex on macos x

Hugo Forss hugo.forss at comhem.se
Sun Aug 28 11:49:33 PDT 2005

this is very strange. the speex tar-ball contains the source for gnu's 
getopt and getop_long and the configure script detects that i have no 
working getopt_long. still the code is neither built nor linked. thus 
my solution was to compile the getopt source (i replaced them with 
files from the latest gengetopt btw. i have no idea why i did that) and 
then link speexenc and speexdec by hand (because my knowledge of 
automake is too limited). it sound like a simple mistake that aught to 
be easy to fix.

at least i do now have a working copy of each application. unfortunatly 
my only player with speex support, vcl, ouputs something that could 
possibly be voice but it's hard to tell since it's drowned in static 

-- hugo forss

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