[Speex-dev] Segmentation fault in narrowband and wideband mode

Björn Thalheim s9268716 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Aug 26 07:22:09 PDT 2005


playing a little around with speexenc/speexdec, I discovered that if
I pass the "-n" or "-w" command line option to speexenc (version
1.1.10), I get a segmentation fault.
Looking closely at the code, I found that the line:
	fprintf (stderr, "Warning: Trying to encode in %s at %d Hz.
	I'll do it but I suggest you try ultra-wideband instead\n",
	mode->modeName , rate);
causes this segmentation fault, because commenting it out (you find
the line in speexenc.c after the check if it's a wav-file, if you
follow the conditions: if (modeID!=-1 && rate), if (rate>25000), if
(modeID != SPEEX_MODEID_UWB)) makes the encoding run through.
Does anybody else have this problem? Or is that just my computer?



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