[Speex-dev] Updated MIPs and memory requirements for TI c54x or c55 DSPs

John Forte jforte at mediatrix.com
Mon Aug 15 10:25:22 PDT 2005



I can see that there has been some effort to compile the SPEEX codec to
operate on the TI c54x and c55x DSPs and I am wondering if anyone would
be able to update the mailing list with their current MIPs and Memory
resource requirements for their c54x and/or c55x compilation? The only
estimate I was able to find in the mailing list archive was 42MIPs but
I'm not sure if this is an estimate for the c54x or the c55x. If
possible, it would also be helpful to see a .map file of a compilation
for one of the TI DSPs.


Hope you can help me out,




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