[Speex-dev] writing issues on arm build !

Randy Toor hellraiser412 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 21 19:26:26 PDT 2005

Hi all.

I am a student writing a voip program on ppc for a project for school. 
Before I explain my issue, let me apoligize for being extremely newbie :(

Here's the situation:
I am using the ARMV4 release build from the speex website. Right now I am 
simply trying to make an encode function using speex that will take an 
unsigned char* of raw wav data (8000 samples, 8 bits / sample, mono) and 
encode it using speex, and have speex write it somewhere so I can do.. 
whatever with it.

Simple ? I thought it would be :P

The main issue I am having right now that is stopping me, is my program 
execution will never get past speex_bits_write.. speex_encode works fine but 
speex_bits_write blocks forever and my program simply hangs. If this is a 
common issue please let me know and I'll be on my way :)

The only thing is, to be honest.. based on the documentation and the manual, 
I can't seem to fully grasp what I need to set up to properly use speex 
(maybe I'm too used to the nice javadocs :P ) Looking at the sample code 
(sampleenc.c/sampledec.c) it looks very simple, but judging by the API 
theres a lot of settings I can change. For the type of raw data I have (8000 
samples, 8bps etc).. do I need to change settings within speex before I 
begin encoding ? Not including turning on VAD and whatnot....

I guess a simpler question for me to ask, to build this simple function that 
takes raw data and encodes it into speex, what steps to I need to take in 
terms of converting my unsigned char* buffer to anything before passing it 
into encode ? If someone can simply help me with that function (give me a 
rough outline no code or anything :P ) I think I can get a better idea about 
speex and figure out the rest myself .

Thank you very much to anyone who helps me i REALLY appreciate it!!!

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