[Speex-dev] Fixed point bug in 1.1.6

Tomasz Pyra hellfire at ivo.pl
Fri Sep 24 04:51:54 PDT 2004

Please compare samples:


krwawa_org.wav is original file.
Both output files was created using same program by compressing from wav 
to speex, then decompressing from speex to wav (using speex_encode_int 
and speex_decode_int).

Only difference was used speex library.
krwawa_fixed.wav was created by libspeex compiled with defined FIXED_POINT
krwawa_float.wav was created without FIXED_POINT.

When samples values do not exceed (-32000;32000) eveything is ok.
Testing platform was Pocket PC, with ARM cpu, libspeex compiled in MsEVC++4.

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