[Speex-dev] Development on DSP 6711

Colin MacKenzie colin at colinmackenzie.net
Thu Sep 16 06:33:05 PDT 2004

Jean: The 6711 is actually a floating point processor so it can do the 
floating point without emulation. I am working on the 6416 which does 
not have it. Working with fixed point may still speed things up possibly.

Muhammad: It seems like you might have to start getting into linear 
assembly to speed things up. If you are serious to getting speex working 
on TI DSP we should work together on the routines.


Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

>Hi Muhammad,
>Did you define FIXED_POINT when compiling the code? Otherwise, you'll be
>using floating point emulation which is usually very slow.
>	Jean-Marc
>On jeu, 2004-09-09 at 10:39 +0500, Muhammad Saad Saleem wrote:
>>Dear developers,
>>         I am a research associate in Al-Khwarzimi Institute of Computer
>>         Science. I am working on TI 6711 Evaluation Board. I want to
>>         implement audio compression algorithm on this board. I have
>>         already implemented sub-band compression on this board. But the
>>         resultant quality is really poor. Therefore, I want to use
>>         speex open source library for compression. The main problem
>>         which I am facing is that when I compress a 160 samples block,
>>         it takes almost 40 million cycles on contrary to my sub-band
>>         algorithm which only takes 3 million cycles. So my input buffer
>>         overflow as the data is slowly compressed. If you have
>>         experienced any such problem, then please let me know that what
>>         did you do to avoid it. I will be grateful to you.
>>Best Regards
>>Muhammad Saad Saleem
>>Research Associate
>>University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
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