[Speex-dev] Development on DSP 6711

Muhammad Saad Saleem saadsaleem at fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 8 22:39:20 PDT 2004

Dear developers,
         I am a research associate in Al-Khwarzimi Institute of Computer
         Science. I am working on TI 6711 Evaluation Board. I want to
         implement audio compression algorithm on this board. I have
         already implemented sub-band compression on this board. But the
         resultant quality is really poor. Therefore, I want to use
         speex open source library for compression. The main problem
         which I am facing is that when I compress a 160 samples block,
         it takes almost 40 million cycles on contrary to my sub-band
         algorithm which only takes 3 million cycles. So my input buffer
         overflow as the data is slowly compressed. If you have
         experienced any such problem, then please let me know that what
         did you do to avoid it. I will be grateful to you.

Best Regards
Muhammad Saad Saleem
Research Associate
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
  Muhammad Saad Saleem
  saadsaleem at fastmail.fm

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