[speex-dev] Speex on Power PC

Kenji Chan adslbqmr at tpg.com.au
Wed May 26 06:03:05 PDT 2004

As I know Speex has been rewritten and has a fixed point implementation

If I remember (and if correct), only 1.1.X version got fixed point feature?


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Hallo followers,

We had a look on speex codec and we found it interesting, also due to the
affinity we had
with our boards GNU environment. We have a Linux platform over a PowerPC
(133, or 266 MHz) with
115 to 200 Drystone mips available. No FPU is available, and I am a little
bit concerned by a sentence I saw in the FAQ "speex uses massively floating
point". Do you think it is a too strong limitation not to have a FPU unit ?
To which extent is FPU useful ? Did you have also something for Fixed Point
Environment ? Finally, which release should we use, stable (1.0.X) or
"unstable" (1.1.5) ?
Many thanks for your cooperation.



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