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> hi Tom,
> i downloaded your speex wrappers and they're really
> what i'm looking for! i really cannot worry about
> container support at the moment because i'm working
> with real-time audio, and hopefully toward VoIP when
> everything else is in order.

If you or Tom are looking for C++ container support for ogg, you can find my
mux and demux library as part of my directshow project. They are still a bit
rough around the edges because in my project they are wrapped by directshow
filters and not directly exposed but there are a few example tools with them
as well. The demux is pretty well tested but the mux particularly
multi-stream mux is only recently added and not fully tested.

Root of directshow project

The mux/demux library

And the very simple example tools are here. (They depend on the demux/mux
library above)

Or equivalanet svn paths to check them out with subversion.



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