[speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5 code)on Windows usingVC++6.0

John Edwards john.edwards33 at ntlworld.com
Fri May 14 02:09:05 PDT 2004

Re: [speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5 code) on Windows usingVC++6.0Hi,

You will need to obtain the ogg libraries as you cannot compile speexdec without both the header and the ogg_static libs. Speex files are created within an 'ogg' container.


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<p>  Hi Chris, 

  Thanks a lot for your help. I've been able to resolve all the errors except one. 
  I don't have ogg.h header file, so when I try to build Speexdec.exe, I get an error 
  d:\speex\speex-1.1.5\src\speexdec.c(44) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ogg/ogg.h': No such file or directory

  I don't have this file, but as I wrote in my previous mail, an ogg_static file is missing and a dialog appears asking for it to be opened. But since I don't have that file, I don't use it in my project, and it appears as a grayed icon displaying the project file 

  wasn't found. 

  Any help in this matter. 

  Thanks & regards, 

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