[Speex-dev] Proposed AGC additions

Tom Grandgent tgrand
Fri Jul 2 20:11:34 PDT 2004


You're right.  The AGC gain does not max out when using VAD
(via the preprocessor).  So instead of not transmitting when
the AGC max gain is reached, I now do this instead:

Start the call with VAD enabled and AGC disabled.  When speech
is detected, disable VAD (if 100% continuous transmission is
desired for the call) and enable AGC.  This seems to be working
reliably so far.

However, I forgot to mention before another reason why it's
good to be able to set the max AGC gain.  One of my users
reminded me of it tonight: he wanted to be able to limit the
max AGC gain so that when he's not speaking, the AGC doesn't
pick up on other sounds from the room.


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From: stevek at stevek.com
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Subject: Re: [Speex-dev] Proposed AGC additions
Date: Fri Jul  2 20:11:34 2004

>    Are you also using the VAD from the preprocessor?  Does the VAD
>detect this noise as speech?
>I've got this same thing out through a lot of testing (via
>iaxclient.sf.net), and I've never seen what you've reported here, and
>I'm wondering if it is because I'm using VAD..

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