[Speex-dev] New application using Speex in a PocketPc.

cesarbremer at raseac.com.br cesarbremer
Fri Jul 2 15:14:51 PDT 2004

After testing a lot the speex codec in our application (see Raseac
Secure Phone : http://www.raseac.com.br), i am very happy to announce
that in our next version to be launched this month (july/2004), i will
include the speex codec as an option.
Our application works with full duplex voice communication in a
PocketPc, with 256 bits AES (CBC encryption mode), and the speex codec
works fine in a cellular telephony system using a CSD circuit..
Thank you for helping us answering previous questions regarding
stability of speex in a PocketPc.

Cesar Bremer Pinheiro
Bremer Serv. Emp. Ltda
Raseac Division

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