[speex-dev] Invalid mode encountered: corrupted stream?

Fabio fabpet at aliceposta.it
Tue Feb 24 02:48:49 PST 2004

in my application i quite often (not allways) get those two warning:

"Invalid mode encountered: corrupted stream?"
"Invalid wideband mode encountered: corrupted stream?"

The stream is not corrupted but i wish to know what those warning mean to
correct my code.

My encode and decode routines are those (libspeex 1.1.4):

SpeexBits enc_bits, dec_bits;
void *enc_state, *dec_state;
static int enc_nbBytes = 0;
static int comp = 1, quality = 5;
static int vero = 1, falso = 0;
static int enc_bitrate = 8000;

void SpeexInit (void)
 enc_state = speex_encoder_init(&speex_nb_mode);

 speex_encoder_ctl(enc_state,SPEEX_SET_BITRATE, &enc_bitrate);
 speex_encoder_ctl(enc_state,SPEEX_SET_DTX, &vero);

 dec_state = speex_decoder_init(&speex_nb_mode);

 speex_decoder_ctl(dec_state, SPEEX_RESET_STATE,NULL);
 speex_decoder_ctl(dec_state, SPEEX_SET_ENH, &falso);

void SpeexEncode(short *samples, char *encoded)
 speex_encode(enc_state, samples, &enc_bits);
 enc_nbBytes = speex_bits_write(&enc_bits, encoded, 20);

void SpeexDecode(char  *encoded, short *sample)
 speex_bits_read_from(&dec_bits, encoded, 20);
 speex_decode(dec_state, &dec_bits, sample);

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