[speex-dev] regarding CELP/ACELP/others patentes

Alejandro G. Belluscio baldusi at uol.com.ar
Thu Apr 1 04:03:50 PST 2004

Andrew Voznytsa wrote:

> Hi All,
> First of all, I'm sorry if my question is offtopic on this list. In 
> such case please ignore this post and/or contact me directly. I'm 
> asking my questions there because I feel you had similar problem 
> before starting developing Speex.
> My story:
> my friend developed 3gpp content creator and he would distribute it in 
> binary form.
> But there is problem with AMR licensing (the terms are unacceptable 
> for him). VoiceAge asked him to pay some huge amount of USD for (as 
> they said) AMR license.
> He contacted me to clarify situation with licensing issue. (I'm 
> working in video coding area. So, please be patient if I missed 
> something in audio coding).
> As I understood the problem is in ACELP algorithm which AMR uses in 
> 6.7kbs mode. Other modes use CELP. He can disable this mode and this 
> will allow him to don’t break law. Am I right?
> And second question: how can I get full list of patented algorithms 
> used in AMR standard? Could you point me to some resource?
You don't seem to be American. Most countries have sane patents laws 
(notable exceptions are USA and Japan). So if your friend it's not 
planning to distribute it there, he's safe. But get Legal advice.
I had problems with american companies trying to use American law in 
Argentina. But they are usually bullies. As soon as your lawer sends 
them an aswer in your language plus a reciep (on some countries the one 
who looses has to pay both sides costs) they will stop whining.
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