[speex-dev] Some questions

Jonas Tärnström njt at home.se
Mon Sep 22 19:58:02 PDT 2003

I might have written to this mailing list previously about this but I've
been experiencing some mailing problems so I write this again.

First of all, thanks Jean-Marc Valin for your continued efforts on
I must say that I am very impressed with Speex and further more the
innovative features recently added in 1.1.
They have worked great for me. 

Question 1)
What is the return value from speex_preprocess good for? It's called
"vad" in the denoise sample. It seems always to be = 1.

Question 2)
While comparing Speex with GSM 06.10. It struck me that Speex is pretty
CPU intense compared to GSM 06.10. Are there any plans or (even)
possibilities of optimizing Speex?

In my sample program for Win32 compiled with MSVS.NET. Speex loads about
7 % CPU in Narrow mode, compared to GSM 06.10 which loads approx. 0,5 to
1.0 %.
I am not sure if the CPU usage is reliable in any way as a benchmark.

<p>//Best Regards, Jonas Tärnström, Sweden.

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