[speex-dev] framesize v/s audio buffer size

Eric Ross eross at disc.ucn.cl
Fri Sep 12 17:40:26 PDT 2003

Hello all..

Im new to speex, and im trying to use it in my application to transmit 
speech over multicast.

I've done some test, but i have some questions. First, I'm reading audio 
with a buffer of 512 bytes, but the speex frames are 160 (using 
SPEEX_GET_FRAME_SIZE), so i have to manually divide the 512 bytes (256 
16bit samples) in blocks of 160 float samples. Using 1 frame, i dispatch 
the first 160 samples, but there are 96 (256-160) samples remaining. What 
can i do with them ? I need to send them as soon as posible, so i guess i 
cant just wait until the next audio buffer comes to push the data inside 
the codec. I dont even know if the sound card will produce more audio 
because before getting here, the audio have to pass some noise level. If 
the audio is not louder enought i will not get any data.

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance.

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makes one think that you can create software just by looking at your computer

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