[speex-dev] q about jspeex

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Fri Oct 31 06:18:45 PST 2003


i changed the read method after constructing a 
pipedinputstream/opipedoutputstream to

int n=auin.read(frame, 0, frame.length);
                        System.out.println(""+n+" bytes read.");
                        int m=pcm2speex.read();       
                        System.out.println("something recieved");

and still can't recieve a single value from the pipe ..


Ulrich B. Staudinger wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> thanks for the quick reply.
> Marc Gimpel wrote:
>>    It would appear the the 'pcm2speex.read(frame, 0, frame.length)' 
>> is blocking which means that it is waiting for data from the 
>> underlying inputstream (i.e.AudioInputStream(t.input)). If it could 
>> read sufficient data it would transcode it. If it recieved an EOF, it 
>> should do some zero padding and then transcode it. Are you sure that 
>> you are receiving data from the underlying inputstream??? 
> Yes, it can recieve data from the underlying input stream.
> If i read directly from the audioinputstream with
> auin=new AudioInputStream(t.input);
> //int n=pcm2speex.read(frame, 0, frame.length);
> int n=auin.read(frame, 0, frame.length);
> i can read the specified frame length of bytes repetively. What else 
> could be the cause for blocking? I am really glad about every hint!

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