[speex-dev] Server based audio merge

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Nov 26 02:06:38 PST 2003

Hi Carsten, 

yes, your emails take up my morning, too. :-)

<p><p>Am Mo, 2003-11-24 um 23.17 schrieb Carsten Breuer:
> Hi Ulrich,
> > Well, i don't know if we speak of the same ... The quality is ok, but
> > the encoding of a PCM frame on the tested machine took 2ms, which (if
> > the PCM frame is 7ms in length) means the machine can only encode three
> > streams in realtime ... 
> Yes, but this is java. You don't use any threading models and i dont 
> know if you encode from sound card. I also don't know how optimized the
> code is. In my last company we have improved runtime of digital image 
> processing routines from initially 80 seconds to 0.1 seconds. It's 
> important to knew, which screw must be adjusted. I want to see this by 
> my own. Perhaps you are right and there are not much improvements posible.

I didn't try to enhance the encoding routines, i just took the plain
jspeex version, which came up with these numbers. 
First i capture 2560 bytes (i think, would have to look at my source)
direct from the sound card and then i encode it. 
I am not the guy to dive into the jspeex code and adjust the right
screws ;-) i just can adjust major code errors and stuff i know to be
slow (like System.arraycopy). 

best regards,

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