[speex-dev] ACM codec

X-Fixer x-fixer at narod.ru
Sat Feb 15 09:36:07 PST 2003

Hi Brian-

BT> I was going to; asked on this list about it back in December.  But the
BT> documentation on the MS website stinks ... it basically says, "Look at 
BT> the example GSM 6.10 codec provided in the Microsoft Driver Development 
BT> Kit and replace the application-specific bits" ... but, while I own a 
BT> student edition of MS Dev Studio, I don't have an MSDN subscription.

BT> (The DDK is actually free from Microsoft, but S&H is $15 ... you can 
BT> order it off the MS website.)

ok, I have everything that's needed (including MSDN subscription and
all possible DDKs). ACM samples go in all windows DDKs, but they are a
big piece of shit :( also, I was quite surprised, that the only piece
of documentation on ACM *drivers* is in Windows CE DDK 8)

I'll start coding this week.

BT> If you can get the ACM codec working, I can probably do the
BT> OpenH323 end of it.

I hope so. I have no understaning on OpenH323.

BT> ::sigh::  I think I've asked before ... but does anyone on this list
BT> have the MS DDK?  Want to send me a copy of the GSM 6.10 codec example? 

if you really want it, I can send it to you. (but read the comment above ;)


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