[speex-dev] ACM codec

Brian Teague bteague at rice.edu
Fri Feb 14 07:56:34 PST 2003

X-Fixer wrote:
> Hi-
> is someone working on ACM codec at the moment?
> if not, I'll start writting it one of these days.
> -XF

<p>I was going to; asked on this list about it back in December.  But the 
documentation on the MS website stinks ... it basically says, "Look at 
the example GSM 6.10 codec provided in the Microsoft Driver Development 
Kit and replace the application-specific bits" ... but, while I own a 
student edition of MS Dev Studio, I don't have an MSDN subscription.

(The DDK is actually free from Microsoft, but S&H is $15 ... you can 
order it off the MS website.)

There are two big wins here, as far as I can tell.  First, this should 
let you record sound in Microsoft Sound Recorder and save as Speex.  (I 
think!  I think that app uses the ACM interface.)

Second, this would allow, with some registry tweaking, Microsoft 
NetMeeting users to employ Speex.  This would be especially appreciated 
by us OpenH323/GnomeMeeting users, because the MS GSM codec stinks.

One more thing.  Microsoft NetMeeting does not pay any attention to the 
standard content-type specifiers that the H.323 standard employs.  If 
you want it to interoperate with OpenH323, you'll have to modify that 
code as well to specify the code points (application-specific 
parameters) that get compiled in to the ACM library.  It shouldn't be 
too difficult; the OpenH323 MS-GSM codec should provide an example of 
that already.  If you can get the ACM codec working, I can probably do 
the OpenH323 end of it.

I would *love* to be able to throw this at my NetMeeting friends and get 
good NM <-> GnomeMeeting sound.

::sigh::  I think I've asked before ... but does anyone on this list 
have the MS DDK?  Want to send me a copy of the GSM 6.10 codec example? 
  Not that I'll have any time between now and the end of the semester 
.. but it never hurts to ask...


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