[speex-dev] de-essing into speex?

Olav olav at bogus.net
Tue Dec 16 12:16:36 PST 2003

> OK, one thing at a time, so will you please leave wma out of that for
> now?

ok :)

> > it seems that:
> >=20
> >   speex maintains the crispness/treble of the recording, but with the
> >   cost of computer-ish background noise, like turning into russian
> >   radio stations on the am band, if you get my drift. ess sounds are
> >   particularily fragile to this.
> Have you tried to identify at what CBR quality the esses start sounding
> bad?

yes. 9 with this particular piece. the ess sounds may not be a problem
with other types of streams (like streams from radio that have bad
quality from the start), but this piece is from a cd, done by an actor
in a studio with cd quality. so hmmm...

> > i tried to downsample my wav files from 44100 to 32000 to meet with
> > spx optimizations, but this did not help the situation really.
> Please try at 16 kHz instead. The 32000 Hz mode uses some tricks that
> probably aren't optimally tuned yet. At least at 16 kHz, it'll be easier
> to identify the problem.=20

i will try 16khz

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