[speex-dev] Confusion over xiph.org license

Thomas S thomas9920 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 19 15:46:11 PDT 2003

Hello there,
My situation is as follows:
=we make commercial freeware/shareware games
=our games are released without code and can NOT be
modified or have projects based on it.
=would like to use Speex functions (library) within
the game for some vocal sound effects, it would
basically be a part of the EXE itself.

Under the Xiph.org license, it states:
"Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the
above copyright notice, this list of conditions and
the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or
other materials provided with the distribution."

Does my use of Speex qualify as "redistribution in
binary form"? The reason I ask is because I do NOT
want to include "Redistribution and use in source and
binary forms, with or without modification, are
permitted" in my license/documentation because my
program does NOT allow modification and in some cases
does NOT allow redistribution (the post-paying version
of the shareware). I do not mind putting "© 2002-2003,
Jean-Marc Valin/Xiph.Org Foundation" in my docs as
credit to Xiph.org, so can someone clarify exactly
what my obligations would be with my situation?

Thank you, sincerely

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