[speex-dev] Half-Life(First Person Shooter) is using Speex

Erik Johnson erik at valvesoftware.com
Sun Aug 3 19:43:34 PDT 2003

Martin Otten did most of the work to get Speex up and running for our games
about a month ago, and we just recently released it to the Steam beta.

So far it appears to be working pretty well, and we're interested in doing
more work using Speex going forward.

I'd love to hear any feedback that people have using it, especially at the
different quality settings. The information on how it works in the
Half-Life/Counter-Strike environment is here for people that are interested:

The codec that a client uses is determined by the server, so use this
command on your server to switch over to using the new one:

v_voicecodec voice_speex

And then these commands to change between different quality voice streams
(also on the server):

v_voicequality 1 : 2400bps, lowest quality
sv_voicequality 2 : 6000bps
sv_voicequality 3 : 8000bps
sv_voicequality 4 : 11200bps
sv_voicequality 5 : 15200bps, highest quality

Erik Johnson

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Valve Software has implimented Speex support in Half-Life(Steam version) 
as well as all other HL-based games on Steam(content delivery system 
with DRM, see www.steampowered.com).  I don't beleive that anyone has 
tested the Speex support yet.  Weather or not this development is 
realated to an e-mail I sent to Gabe Newell a few days ago(attached) is 
unknown as I have not received a reply.  The above screenshot is of the 
ChangeLog for the Steam version of HL.
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