[speex-dev] First draft for Speex RTP profile - Please send your comments

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Tue Oct 22 18:56:39 PDT 2002

(CC'd to the list to have everybody else's opinion on the the subject) 

> I think the SpeeX frame format should not require negotiation of the
> number of frames to be transmitted.
> While practically this is done for GSM, ulaw, and alaw, a good
> implementation can handle receiving an arbitrary number of frames and Do
> The Right Thing.  As I recall, Jean made some additions to the protocol to
> enable someone to detect the end of a set of frames.  Perhaps this
> mechanism could be used, or something like it?

Personally, I think it's good to make it part of negotiation for two
reasons. First, because it allows the receiver to explicitly ask for the
number of frames per packets it wants to receive. Second, because the
terminator I was proposing would add one byte to all packets, increasing
bit-rate by 400 bps, even when not needed. In addition, it would
probably require more complex code for jitter compensation in VoIP
applications (since we don't know how many frames were in the packet we


Jean-Marc Valin, M.Sc.A.
LABORIUS (http://www.gel.usherb.ca/laborius)
Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

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