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Bernard Blackham b-speex at
Wed Dec 18 07:46:42 PST 2002

Hi Jens,

> There is already streaming support in the xmms-plugin.
> The 0.6.0 version found at is hopelessly
> outdated, but the nightly version should work.

D'oh, should've looked at this before hand. Seems you've done more
or less what I've done and taken the streaming code from the
mpeg/vorbis plugins and meshed it in with yours.

I can't seem to get yours to work - it hangs at "CONNECTED: WAITING
FOR REPLY". My version is at

It hasn't yet been extensively tested (ie, all the streaming
options), but it streams :) Bugs and comments welcome please!

The other oddball thing that you've probably already found is that
when xmms interrogates each plugin asking if it can handle it, the
mpg123 plugin accepts all http streams that aren't oggs. Grrr.

The workaround is to get the speex plugin before the mpg123 plugin
in the chain, by giving it a name that comes before "MPEG..." - I've
used " Speex..." (leading space).

> I haven't worked on it in a while since I'm really busy at school, but if
> anyone makes any patches, I'll be happy to look at them.

In the process of merging your code with the http code, I've ripped
yours to shreds to fit... Hope you dont mind. Perhaps you could
bless it with a new version number? :)



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