[paranoia] HP8110i strange behavior

Leigh Orf orf at mailbag.com
Sat Oct 2 12:08:05 PDT 1999

I've noticed something strange with cdparanoia and my HP8110i internal
ATAPI CD-R drive. I've noticed this ever since I got the drive, it
seems independent of linux kernel version and cdparanoia version (I'm
currently running cdparanoia III release 9.6 (August 17, 1999) with the
2.2.12 kernel).

The HP drive ususally extracts without any correction whatsoever by
cdparanoia. But suddenly it'll do something like:

(== PROGRESS == [                         +-V  | 029185 00 ] == :^D * ==)   

where out of the blue I get a glitch in the wav file. I also have a
run-of-the-mill TEAC Model CD-524E cd-rom drive. On the same file, it
has lots of correction, but no fatal ones:

(== PROGRESS == [--+-+-+---+-+--+++++++-+-+-++-| 029185 00 ] == :^D * ==)   

The HP will repeat the V if tried again on the same file.  Anyone know
what to make of this? The HP performs flawlessly as a burner, this is
the only anomaly I've seen with it. The TEAC will always extract well
with lots of correction from cdparanoia.

Also, the HP will often have an isolated +, -, or V occur right at the
edge of a track boundary with spaces everywhere else.

One other question... recently once in a while I'll get a ! or !!.
However this happens very rarely. The man pages and help file are
ambiguous about whether this definitively indicates an error (well I
think so anyway!) Should I be concerned?

Thanks for any insights.

Leigh Orf

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