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Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Wed Apr 6 06:10:35 UTC 2022

>>> Sampo Syreeni <decoy at iki.fi> schrieb am 06.04.2022 um 01:51 in Nachricht
<alpine.DEB.2.21.2204060244280.47345 at lakka.kapsi.fi>:
> On 2022-03-24, Andrew Sonzogni wrote:
>> Then it’s not possible to mix those packets before decoding them ?
> *Theoretically* you can mix without decoding to *some* degree. But the 
> algorithm to do so would be...truly nasty. So just don't go there. You 
> need to decode, mix, and recode.
> BTW, in many cases, you'd want to hold the separate incoming streams as 
> separate already, and just pass them on. E.g. in conferencing 
> applications, you'd typically not want to mix everything together, 
> because 1) the mixer would prove a single point of failure, 2) business 
> oriented conferencing is often an application where what people say is 
> legally encumbered or might prove so later on, including the mixer, and 
> 3) you typically don't want more than one person to take the stage 
> anyhow, because absent body language and other close interaction, it'd 
> just be an auditory mess.

Incidentially I came across a Dolby Atmos demo that had about 118 channels
wirh 24bit audio at 48kHz, all in one huge WAV file yesterday.
When I tried to play that (in plain stereo) with audiacity, even my fast
computer (i7 at 4GHz) had dropouts.
So I can imagine that decoding a large number of channels and mixing those
seems to be a bad idea.


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