[opus] Compress interleaved multi-channels pcm/wav with opus

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I'm not sure if you've had a reply yet, but have you seen
? That gives the basic details of multistream and links to the important
references. For pure six mics, likely isolated, it sounds like coupling
would probably be counterproductive, and each stream might be best as
monaural, so seven separate streams interleaved.

The main reasoning for multi-stream over multi-channel is flexibility.
There's no inherent notion of coupling or grouping of streams the way there
is channels; many separate simultaneous recordings can be multiplexed
together in one stream and separated to different receivers at the end. If
you don't need any of that functionality, you can just treat streams as
channels, and there won't be any delay or bitrate penalty.

On Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 5:07 AM zhuangweiji <zhuangweiji at foxmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I tried to compress audio with opus-1.3.1/src/opus_demo.c recently, which
> works fine on mono and stereo data .
> Now I want to compress interleaved 7 channels pcm/wav ( recorded by
> Microphone array :6mic+ 1reference signal ) with opus, But I have not found
> an interface that compress multi-channels pcm/wav.
> 1、Is there a multi-channel compression interface can be used in my case?
> If so, where is it, and how can I call it? is there a demo?
> If it doesn't exist, how can I modify it to make it support interleaved
> multi-channel data?
> 2、In addition, I saw that there is a multi-stream interface. It seems to
> be not a multi-channel. What is the difference between multi-stream and
> multi-channel?
> Thanks in advance.
> Weiji Zhuang
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