[opus] Compress interleaved multi-channels pcm/wav with opus

zhuangweiji zhuangweiji at foxmail.com
Mon Apr 22 11:56:42 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I tried to compress audio with opus-1.3.1/src/opus_demo.c recently, which works fine on mono and stereo data .
Now I want to compress interleaved 7 channels pcm/wav ( recorded by Microphone array :6mic+ 1reference signal ) with opus, But I have not found an interface that compress multi-channels pcm/wav.

1、Is there a multi-channel compression interface can be used in my case?
If so, where is it, and how can I call it? is there a demo?
If it doesn't exist, how can I modify it to make it support interleaved multi-channel data?

2、In addition, I saw that there is a multi-stream interface. It seems to be not a multi-channel. What is the difference between multi-stream and multi-channel?

Thanks in advance.

Weiji Zhuang
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