[opus] PVQ Quantization

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Wed May 24 19:36:57 UTC 2017

On 28/04/17 04:41 AM, Lendi  Martin wrote:
> I'm studying at ETH Zurich and want to use a pyramid vector quantization
> for my semester thesis. Unfortunately, I have some troubles with
> generating the codebooks for high dimensions. For vectors with dimension
> bigger than 12 it takes such a long computation time to generate.

The whole point of PVQ is to never generate the codebooks because they
are defined mathematically, rather than through large tables.

> I thought maybe you could help me out with a efficient way to do this?
> Is there some code available?

There's an efficient PVQ search in the op_pvq_search_c() function in



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