[opus] Opus 1.3-beta released

Matěj Steklík matej.steklik at post.cz
Wed Dec 27 11:21:56 UTC 2017

I've tested the same files as before the release of Opus 1.2 (including the 
track "Nick Warren - Devil's Elbow" I used for this mailing list to 
demonstrate the issue this summer) and the problem with speech / music 
classification has gone for both 32 kbps and 48 kbps. It's no longer 
necessary to use the --set-ctl 4024=3002 encoding parameter for bitrates 
lower than about 64 kbps. Thanks everyone for their good work!

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Předmět: [opus] Opus 1.3-beta released 

I just released Opus 1.3-beta. This is a beta release towards the
upcoming Opus 1.3. Changes include:
- The spec fixes in RFC 8251 are now enabled by default
- Improvements to the VAD and speech/music classification using an RNN
- Improvements to stereo speech coding at low bitrate
- Added support for ambisonics projection using mapping 3 (disabled by
- Fixes to the CELT PLC

Additionally, as a way to test the upcoming update to opus-tools, we’re
providing Windows binaries built with 1.3-beta. These binaries are based
on libopusenc, which means opusenc is finally able to make use of the
Opus delayed-decision feature to make better speech/music transitions.

Source code:

Win32 binaries:

Please report any issues. Have fun!

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