[opus] opus_multistream_encode_float not working in libopus 1.1

Alpha Thinktink alphathinktink at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 15:17:11 PDT 2014

Whoops, looks like I replied directly instead of to this list.  Sorry
'bout that.

> Hmm. There shouldn't have been between 1.1-beta and release. I guess you
> can't tell us which argument is bad because the win32 binary is stipped.

I did some experimentation this morning and I discovered that it seems
to only fail when I try to encode with Hard CBR;

> Have you tried compiling it yourself?

Not since the last time I tried to compile it, when I got so many
dependency errors that it made my head spin clean off.  Have not
attempted to compile since then.  However, even if I could compile
them, I'd still prefer to code, test, and use the ones already
compiled, that way people can find them online and swap out different
versions if they wanted to.

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